What length?
How do I measure?

Here's a couple easy ways to determine your strap length:

  • If you have an old strap simply measure it from where it attaches to the  
    endpin to the top of the scroll---or headstock or strap button.

  • If you don't have a strap, simply hold your instrument at your most
    comfortable position and measure from the endpin to the TOP of the
    scroll, headstock or strap button.   Use a string or seamstress's tape to do
    this measurement.
  • Straps have about two-three-inches of adjustment at each end.
(adjustable about 2-inches at each end)
The leather bead
1/8-inch, top-grain Latigo leather lace.
Other leather straps with slots and holes for the endpin connection
are not secure and safe.
 Their strap slots and holes get baggy and
stretched and can come off the endpin.
 I have had many customers
“bounce” their instrument on the floor because of a baggy strap hole
at the endpin.
How to measure a strap for an F-style mandolin
Stand with your instrument in your most comfortable playing position and measure from
the endpin over your shoulders to the top of the scroll.  A piece of string or a cloth
measuring tape can be used for measurements.
Scroll - remember to go over
your shoulders with your
tape measure.
The bottom side of the Bailey strap is suede and clings to your shoulder,
unlike slippery and narrow hollow straps.
How to measure a strap for an A-style mandolin

***A bead can be installed on each end of the strap for A-styles that have
a strap button at the heel.
Strap button or tie under fingerboard extension or strap button
Endpin to strap button or under fingerboard
Headstock - nut
(or under strings/tuners), remember to go
over your shoulders with your measuring tape
Endpin to headstock – tie under strings or nut
Scroll down for detailed instructions.
Headstock or under fret
board attachment.
The leather bead
cinches down tightly
Loop and bead
that attaches to
the endpin
"Your strap should never be an after-thought."
---Bill Bailey